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Onko sinulla kysyttävää tai kommentoitavaa? Oletko vailla kyytiä? Haluatko ostaa tai myydä suunnistustarvikkeita? Sana on vapaa.


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(54) Henna
31.05.2018 18:38


C-radat ovat usein mielestämme olleet viikkorasteilla liian haastavia ja pitkiä lapsille.

(53) Sirpa
27.09.2017 17:25

HI Dmitriy,

take contact to timo.suhonen[ät]

(52) Dmitriy
26.09.2017 10:14

Good afternoon.
My name is Dmitry Konovalov, I'm 20 years old from Moscow.
I started doing sports orienteering in 10 years and at the age of 14 I reached a high level among Russian sportsmen. Often won and repeatedly got in prize-winners on Russia.
I am a reserve in the Russian national team in the M-20 and this year I had high results in forest disciplines.
Impressed by Your club, I would like to take part in such relays as 10Mila, Jukola, 25manna and the rest competitions for Your club. It would be great for me to join your technical training camps and competitions. I'm sure I can help your team to show good results.
It would be also great, if the club will be able to at least partially offset the cost of the trips to competitions or the entry fee and provide the opportunity to live and train in the club house, if there is any.

I'm looking forward to Your answer.

Kind regards,

(51) Miikka
21.08.2017 08:12

Löydetty eilen illalla 20.8 emit- leimakortti ala-antikkalan parkkipaikan tuntumasta.

Voi kysellä numerosta 0400 564203

(50) Päivi
19.06.2017 16:19

Kiitos seuramme tomerille huoltojoukoukoille. Oli helppo saapua Jukolaan, kun tuulisuojat jo odottivat pystyssä. Kiitos Timo, Sirpa, Sakari, Jerry, Vilma ja Otso + muut mahdolliseti mukana olleet!


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